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Governor of Yemen`s Aden Survives Car Bomb That Put To Death 2

According to the reporters, three senior southern Yemini officials survived a suicide car bomb attack on their convoy in Aden and a subsequent gun fight that had put to death three of their guards on Tuesday, as said by a government spokesman and security sources.

Also eight other guards had been injured when the bomb laden vehicle exploded in the Inmaa district, as told to AFP by the sources.

The toll had been confirmed by the medics.

In the convoy, newly appointed Aden Governor Aidarus al Zubaidi, city police chief General Shallal Ali Shayaeand the governor of neighboring Lahj province, Naser al Khubaji had been travelling.

They all had been coming back from a visit to camp of Emirati troops who were taking part in the Saudi led coalition that had been battling Iran backed rebels in Yemen since March, said the sources.

Aidarus had been appointed in December after his predecessor, Jaafar Saad, had been put to death in an Aden bombing which had been claimed by the Islamic State group.

A crackdown had been launched by the security officials on suspected militants, imposing a curfew and detaining not less than 70 suspects overnight.

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