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Israeli Woman Stabbed In West Bank Settlement Lost Her Life of Wounds

According to the reporters, a young Israeli woman had lost her life of her wounds in a Jerusalem hospital early on Tuesday several hours after attack, when she was been stabbed by the Palestinian assailants in a West Bank settlement.

The victim, ShlomitKrigman, 23 year ols was among one of the two women who were stabbed on Monday at the time of an assault in the settlement of BeitHoron, where she was living with her grandparents.

As reported, Ms. Krigman had recently completed a bachelor`s degree in industrial design at Ariel University in the occupied West Bank. She belonged from the settlement of ShadmotMehola in the Jordan valley.

The two assailants were been shot and put to death by a security guard at the scene.

Since January 17, this stabbing attack is said to be the third knife attack inside a West Bank settlement, pointing to a new trend in a nearly four month wave of violence and raising Israeli fears of similar assaults. The victims were women in all the three cases.

The other woman, Adina Cohen, 58 year old, who was also been stabbed in the same attack on Monday told that the two assailants armed with knives ran toward her in a craze as she exited a grocery store and they began stabbing her in the head and leg.

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