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Living livers for free at Al Baghdadi’s !

Meir Dagan, former head of Mossad, received a liver transplant carried out in Belarus, ally and supplier of Iran’s surface-to-surface missile guidance technology.
Dagan, the most vocal opponent of Israeli military against Iran in the intelligence community, chose to receive hepatic transplantation under the kind hospitality given by the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, who revealed to the Israeli press that the United States, Germany and Sweden have refused to operate the patient after they learned that he formerly exercised for the head of Mossad.
In reality it is not so: the choice of Belarus shall, in fact, be the shortage of suitable organs and the deterioration of the health condition of the patient: 17,000 patients are waiting liver transplant from the USA.
Moreover, ethical and religious rules subject organ transplantation to an interminable labyrinth of administrative marathons in Israel, so that the former head of Mossad himself has no choice, but to prefer the BELORUS transplantation center to save his life.
The legal issue of the state of clinical death, which is being debated in Europe, the USA and in Israel, according to the legislator, seeks to consider brain death (as is the case in Switzerland, for example) or complete cessation of vital functions, is not without impact on the viability of the transplanted organ and patient survival rates.
Such is not the case of Belorus where medical tourism is in full swing, as the consent of the donor criteria is infinitely more flexible and constraints related to non-existent bio-ethics.
Thus, life insurance companies welcome the subscribers, who register as organ donors and are probably unaware that their bodies will be transferred for 200.00 euros for a liver and 60,000 euros for a kidney, in support of the particulars stipulated consent.

On the other hand of bioethics the Islamic State has no moral nor ethical limits regarding our organs of “disbelievers”. The terrorists State enforced the Fatwa 68 of ISIL “committee for research and fatwas” which allow ISIS to harvest organs from living prisoners in order to transplant their fighters : Living livers for free at Al Baghdadi’s



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