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New Islamic State Video Suggests Paris Attackers Encoded Their Data

According to the reporters, a video that indicates those behind the Paris massacre last year using encryption to hide their communications had been published on Sunday by the Islamic State.

The video was of 18 minutes, which had been distributed via various ISIS official social media channels, features statements from what is purportedly the nine members behind the Paris assault, in which not less than 130 people had lost their lives.

As per a written statement that opens the video, “The following are the final messages of the nine lions of the Caliphate, who were mobilized from their dens to bring an entire country, France, to her knees.”

The opening messages also suggest that the data encryption software PGP for secure communications had been used by the Islamic State fighters, as per to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which tracks ISIS`s online behavior.

All the nine men who had been seen in the video had lost their lives in the Paris attacks or their aftermath. Among the attackers seven of the attackers, four from Belgium and three from France spoke fluent French.

The 13th November attacks targeted a packed concert hall, a restaurant and café, and a soccer match at the national stadium.

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