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Mustard Gas Been Used By the Islamic State Group against Kurds in Iraq

According to the reporters, it had been confirmed by a source at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons that it had been found in a laboratory tests that it had found a positive result for sulfur mustard in samples taken from 35 Kurdish soldiers who became severely ill battling Islamic State militants south west of Erbil last year in August.

As said by a diplomat that the tests had confirmed that mustard gas was being used by the Islamic State in what would be the first known use of chemical weapons in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein. He spoke in the condition of anonymity as he was not permitted to give any information to the media.

According to the experts, either a basic proficiency had been developed by the militants in the development of mustard gas or the chemical had been found by them in an undeclared Syrian chemical stockpile.

Mustard gas`s deadly effect of which had been immortalized in Wilfred Owen`s Dulce et Decorum Est, caused delayed burns to the skin, eyes, and deployed in sufficient quantities, lungs and air ways.

During the era of Saddam, Iraq`s chemical aesenal was completely destructed, though weapons had been discovered since by troops.

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