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Washington Post Reporter Is Briefly Arrested By Israel

According to the reporters, the Washington Post`s Jerusalem bureau chief, William Booth had been briefly arrested by the Israeli authorities on Tuesday while he was conducting interviews near the Damascus Gate, one of the entrances to the Old City, as per to the authorities and the newspaper.

Mr. Booth and another Post employee had been quickly released.

Later a statement was been issued by the Foreign Ministry calling the episode regrettable and praising Mr. Booth`s work, and the Government Press Office called the episode an unfortunate misunderstanding.

As said in an email by Kris Coratti, a spokeswoman for The Post that, Mr. Booth had been arrested by the Israeli border police for nearly 30 minutes, while he had been released now, she said.

According to a police spokesman, MickyRosenfield, security measures had been enforced by the officers around the Damascus Gate, where the Palestinians had carried out many stabbings, attempted stabbings and shooting attacks in the last four months. Palestinians were been prohibited from sitting around in the area due to the measures.

As said by LubaSamri in a statement, “When the details of the incident were clarified and no suspicion at all of criminal activity was raised, the detainees were released by the investigating officer without any other steps taken in the matter.”

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