Arrest Warrant Issued for 2 Contractors Involved in Fire Extinguisher Gas Leak in SCB

Today, the Criminal Court issued a warrant to arrest the two contractors who are in charge of the improvements in the fire suppression system after a gas leak caused the death of 8 people and caused injuries to 7 people in the Head Office of Siam Commercial Bank located at SCB Park.

Pol Lt Gen Sanit Mahathavorn stated that the suspects were both charged with recklessness leading to the fatal incident by the Metropolitan Police. However, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner refused to divulge the names of the two contractors that were charged with these cases.

In the said gas leak incident in the bank, 8 people including the contractor’s employees and the security guards in the building were killed and 7 more sustained injuries after pyrogen, a fire retardant, has been accidentally leaked into one of the document security vaults located in SCB Park building’s basement. The said gas can decrease the air’s oxygen levels, hence causing the fatalities.

In an earlier statement issued by SCB, the fault for the gas leak was blamed on the contractors who were working on upgrades for the building’s chemical fire-suppression system. Since it was accidentally triggered, the chemical retardant was released and it was designed to drew out oxygen from the air.

The ongoing work possibly triggered the release of pyrogen aerosol which led to depleted oxygen levels causing the death and injuries of several individuals.

In the wake of the accident, the police questioned 15 individuals on Monday morning including the employees in SCB who were in the premises on Sunday evening as well as the relatives of the 7 victims who died. The police also looked into the camera footage when the incident took place. The commissioner added that these people provided them with information useful to the case but he did not disclose any of the details.

Based on the report of the investigators, the firm that has been contracted for setting up the fire prevention system was Mega Planet Co but a subcontracted company was the one responsible for the actual work done on the building.

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