Authorities Commission the Dredging of 4,000 artesian wells To Address Problems on Water Shortage

Following the forecast that Thailand is bound for a drought more severe than what it has experienced over the past 20 years, authorities expressed their concern and started efforts to ease water shortage by stepping up and dredging more than 4,000 artesian wells in the hopes of supporting the country’s water needs. The plan to dredge the said artesian well will be implemented within the immediately succeeding month to supply the water needed for farming and for consumption purposes as stated by Maj-Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd, the Government’s spokesperson.

Based on his disclosure, the progress on the total number of artesian wells that have been dredged has reached up to 2,192 artesian wells. Of these wells, those who are fit for consumption numbered 1,104 wells while the remaining artesian wells are reserved for agricultural uses.

The government’s spokesperson also addressed the efforts of the government to produce artificial rain. He admitted that this solution did not have a very high success rate given the air’s low humidity although continued efforts to produce artificial rain are still being implemented.

He also disclosed that from February 15 to March 3, there was an effort by the Royal Artificial Rain-making and Agricultural Aviation Department to operate 12 flights for cloud seeding operations in 6 central provinces. This project covers 55.6 % of the area in affected regions and successfully resulted to precipitation in some areas of the Nakhon Ratchasima and Chanthaburi provinces.

Another effort to produce artificial rain for Surat Thani province is scheduled on March 15.

He added that the efforts to create artificial rain are more likely to be successful when the air has a humidity of around 60%.

On the other hand, Interior Minister Anupong Paochinda released a statement that necessary measures to ensure sufficiency of water for agriculture and consumption are already in place.

He reminded those who reside in Bangkok to conserve water given the current situation where a lot of people residing in rural areas don’t have enough water for farming and for consumption.

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