Taiwan and Thailand Collaborate To Resolve IUU Fishing

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An agreement between Taiwan and Thailand has already been made so the two countries could help each other in addressing problems related to illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) activities in fishing which led the European Union to yellow- card these two countries.

Gen Chatchai Sarikulya Minister of the Agriculture and Cooperatives sector said that both countries will share information that is considered vital in fishing activities, in particular, tuna fishing.

He added that fishery officials in Taiwan and in Thailand had a meeting just recently to address IUU issues that are affecting the fishing industries in both countries as they shared a common concern about getting the EU yellow card on their fishing activities.

He added that Thailand is taking the initiative to ask for cooperation from other countries to prevent IUU fishing and to implement a more comprehensive guideline to address this issue.

Gen. Chatchai added that Taiwan was also yellow carded by EU when fishing boats from the country were allegedly seen in international waters while trawling for tuna.

Meanwhile, Thailand has been yellow carded partly because of its dealings with Taiwan, a country considered to be a main tuna processor.

Tuna happens to be a major export of Taiwan and its main market for this product is the United States and Europe. According to him, the two countries made an agreement that they will be sharing vital tuna fishing information including the landfalls, the license of the fishing vessels as well as the registration of the boats.

He also indicated that there have already been plans to create a joint committee so that the fishing vessels in Taiwan can be inspected once it docks in Phuket to offload the fish that they caught.

The government’s active response to the issues surrounding the fisheries sector of the country is timely. The necessary measures to address IUU should be done, otherwise the fisheries sector will continue to suffer from a contraction especially for export products.

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