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At least 13 militants lost their lives in attack on Russian police station

According to the reporters, not less than two militants had lost their lives and the third one blew himself after a police station in southern Russia was been attacked by them on Monday, as said by the investigators adding that no officers or civilians had been injured.

The police station is located in the town of Novoselitskoye in the Stavropol region. The three men had thrown grenades at the police station. All the three suspects were said to be the local residents and there were criminal records against them, as reported by the Interfax agency, citing a spokesman for the federal investigative body.

The attack occurred in Nooselitskoe, a village in Russia`s Stavropol region which is close to the volatile majority Muslim North Caucasus area. At this place the Islamist insurgents had set on carving out a breakaway caliphate have targeted police officers in a chain of car bombings and shootings.

Due to blast, several cars had been damaged. The suicide bomber men had been identified as from another village in the area with previous convictions, which included murder. As per their names they were said to be of Muslim religion.

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