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At least five people lost their lives in Mogadishu car bomb attack

According to the reporters, not less than five people had lost their lives when a suicide bomber rash his car which was fully packed with the explosives in to al Hinda restaurant which is located behind the Mogadishu municipality on Monday, as reported by Garowe Online reports.

Also at least seven others had been wounded in this attack. The casualties had been confirmed by the Banadir regional administration spokesman Abdifatah Omar adding that all those who were killed were civilians.

The attack aimed to kill all the people who were present at the restaurant.

According to Oman, the car rammed to the entrance and hit the wall which his behind the mayor`s office before it exploded.

By the weekend, another restaurant in Mogadishu`s Shibis district was been targeted by the al Shabaab suicide bomber.

On the other hand, notorious former Al Shabaab media officer Hassan Hanafi had been executed by the military court on Monday. He was been extradited to Somalia by the neighboring Kenya in the fall of 2014, as reported by Garowe Online.

Hassan a 30 year old al Shabaab man was convicted of his role for killing Somalia workers in a country ranked one of the worst places to be a journalist.

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