Punishment: Drunk Drivers Might End Up in the Morgue Even If They’re Alive

accident1There’s some bad news for both local Thai drivers and foreigners: some of them might end up at the local city morgue, even if they’re still breathing. The Community Affairs and Community Service Division is preparing for the New Year with new decisions and punishments for those youngsters and older drivers ho decide to climb the wheel after they had a couple of shots or a beer or some wine.

According to statistics, the number of people who drive while drunk during New Year’s celebrations is on the rise, and plenty of them are youngsters. Some are already known to the authorities, some are new entries, but they all risk the same thing: either they die in car accidents, or they end up working bodies at the morgue.

Some might say that the Government’s decision is rather extreme, but statistics showed that drunk drivers won’t take it seriously when it comes to cleaning roads, cutting trees or helping hospital personnel take care of patients involved in grave road accidents. Simply put, a lot of them won’t realise, nor change their dangerous behaviour.
That’s the main reason Thai officials decided to take the mandatory community work to the next level by proposing that drunk drivers be sent to the morgue in a bid to make them better understand the effects of drink driving. They will also help the medical staff, but that might happen only after they sober up.

accident2The deputy secretary for public health Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoen added that the new measure would also see offenders being sent to work in other hospital departments including the intensive care unit. Heavy drinking is common and the week of the New Year’s festival is nicknamed the “Seven Deadly Days” because of a spike in road accidents.

In the past years, the Kingdom has been ranked first in Asia and second in the world when it came to the highest number of road deaths. And the New Year Festival, also known as the Songkran holiday, measured almost 2 and a half people die per hour and more than 160 injured in accidents.

In the end, no matter what measures the state agencies are taking, the only ones responsible for the number of casualties are the motorists themselves. They’re the most important factor when it comes to preventing accidents.

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