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Samut Sakhon Paper Factory Razed By Fire, Sustains 100 million Baht Damage

A paper factory belonging to Panjapol Fibre Container Co Ltd in Thailand’s Samut Sakhon Province was forced to stop its operations late on Tuesday after a fire razed the premises. The factory workers who were assigned on the night shift had to be forcefully evacuated as the fire broke out. Hundreds of workers fled from the building in fear of the raging inferno.

According to the Police’s fire department, the said fire took place in the paper container factory that is owned by Panjapol Fibre Container Co Ltd which is located in Muang District’s Ekkachai Road in Samut Sakhon Province.

Based on the report of the incident, the fire started late during the night at around 10.30 pm inside the factory in the storage area where paper containers were housed. At the time of the incident, there were approximately 2,000 tons of paper containers.

Due to the presence of so much paper in the area, the fire spread quickly that the authorities were forced to deploy 30 fire trucks in the area. The compound where the factory was located had an area of about 100-rai.

Given the size of the place as well as how strong the fire was, the firefighters had to put it down for more than 3 hours before the fire was under control. Fortunately, the fire was stopped before the entire factory was burned down to the ground taking all six printing machines and the entire number of paper containers with it.

The total amount of damages that was sustained by the company due to the fire cannot be determined yet but the initial estimate of the Suravuth Patanasopon, the factory manager, is at 100 million baht. No fatalities have been reported due to the said fire.

The main cause of the fire has not yet been determined but the forensic police will inspecting the premises and investigate why it happened.

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