Skeleton Piles Found in the Thai Forest Udon Thani Confirmed To Be Human Remains

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It has been confirmed by the Institute of Forensic Medicine that the pile of skeletons found in Thailand’s Udon Thani province were human skeletons. The said human bones were found among the skeleton piles in over 20 areas in the country’s degraded forest in the Ban Pheu district.

Royal Thai Police Head Pol Maj. Dr. Pornchai Suthirakun who handles Forensic Medicine made a statement today based on DNA tests made on the skeleton sample collected from 20 locations in Ban Kambon Viengchai’s forest areas located in Ban Pheu District’s Tambon Nongwaeng. The initial results on the tests is that those remains were human.

He added that there was a huge pile of skeletons that were tested and most of those skeletons were burnt and they were very dry and it requires time to differentiate which were animal bones and which ones were human.

Since in initial results have confirmed that there are human bones in the pile, he requested that DNA samples be sent by the forensic police from people who filed reports about missing relatives so that they can be tested and see if there is a DNA match with the uncovered skeletons.

As of date, there were 11 people who have complaints filed with the police district in Udon Thani that they have relatives who have been missing for years now and that they suspect that the remains of their relatives are among those which have been found in 20 areas in Ban Pheu.

In an earlier report, Pol Lt General Boonlert Jaipradit , Commissioner of the Provincial Police Region Four issued a statement that those pieces of bone recovered in the forest could have been burned so that killers can cover their tracks.

After locals found human skeletons in one of the forest zones, the police were alerted right away.

Pieces of bones became visible, at least in part, since weeds and bushes withered due to the extreme heat of the sun as brought about by the drought and the extremely hot weather.

After they received the alert, a team composed of doctors and police were dispatched from the Ban Pheu Hospital to inspect 15 areas where there were apparent signs consistent with burning.

Evidence that has been collected included tire scraps, pieces of bone and various ornaments.

The hospital’s doctor stated that there was various bone pieces found in 8 different locations.

Initial police findings were that the bodies were burned using scraps from old car tires to remove cover their tracks.

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