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Songkran Water Festivities Cause 442 Fatalities, 3,656 Injuries

Death toll during the week-long Songkran Water Festival in Thailand has climbed up to 442 while total individuals injured are pegged at 3,656. This is higher by 30% compared to the festival’s casualties during the previous year.

Despite observing certain measures to ensure everyone’s safety during this event, there were still recorded fatalities and injuries which is linked to road accidents. In fact, the figures are quite alarming.

During the Department of Public Disasters Prevention and Mitigation’s press conference, Gen. Anupong Paochinda said that the official count for the total number of people who lost their lives were 442 while another 3,656 individuals were injured due to road accidents all over the country within the seven day celebration of the Songkran festival that lasted from April 11 to April 17. The Interior Minister added that during this week, there were 3,447 road accidents.

This year, the number of deaths recorded was higher compared to the fatalities recorded during the Songkran festival in the previous year where there were only 78 people who died and there were only 97 people who sustained injuries. The number of accidents that occurred last year was 74 cases, a far cry from the total number of road mishaps that occurred this year.

He added that just on April 17 alone, recorded road accidents already reached 343 and in those cases, 45 people died while 385 individual sustained injuries.

Based on record, during the seven day holiday, Chiang Mai had the highest number of road accidents at 168 cases where 175 people were injured. Meanwhile Nakhon Ratchasima and Bangkok were #1 on the list with the highest rate of fatalities since 19 people die in each of these locations.

Among the top reasons for the accidents that occurred were drunk driving and the second culprit for road mishaps was speeding.

Among the vehicles involved, most cases were blamed on motorcycles and they are followed by pickup trucks.

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