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WHO Drops Thailand from List of Countries Affected with Zika Virus

After being one of the most closely watched countries in Asia after being affected by the Zika virus, Thailand has been dropped off in the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) list of Zika affected countries.

Foreign Trade Department Director-General Duangporn Rodpayat said in a statement that upon the deletion of Thailand in the Zika virus affected countries of the WHO, China relaxed the inspection of goods sourced from Thailand.

The Chinese office in control, inspection and quarantine were stringent in screening exports from Thailand as freighters have undergone fumigation to ensure that any mosquito stowed in freighter hulls were killed.

Since China is one of the biggest markets for exports in Thailand, it is necessary to adhere to measures implemented by China. On March, the Quarantine Bureau and the Chinese Entry-Exit Inspection implemented certain measures that are valid for 12 months to ensure that Zika virus will not enter China. Based on these measures, containers, cargoes, transportation vehicles, luggage as well as postal parcels will have to undergo quarantine and inspection as deemed necessary. Mosquito eradication measures will be performed under direct supervision of the inspection and quarantine authority.

The conduct of these measures will be certified before cargoes can enter the country. All of these measures are applicable to all vessels whose last port of call is a country that is considered to be affected by Zika virus. All these measures will be conducted unless there is a certificate of eradication issued by the country prior to departure from port.

Director-General Duangporn Rodpayat stated that the Foreign Trade Department would follow up on the progress of certain laws that are enforced as well as the regulations and the measures taken after Thailand has been affected by the Zika virus. This is necessary to ensure that concerned parties will be informed and updated regarding the virus situation.


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