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At least 2 people lost their lives in Houston shooting

According to the reports, at least two people and lost their lives and also not less than six had been injured in a terrifying shootout in west Houston. Among the dead was a suspect and the other was a citizen.

As reported, the gunmen who were armed with high powered rifles started firing on Sunday in Houston, targeting at bystanders and police helicopter.

The motive behind the shooting had not been immediately cleared.

As per to the Acting police Chief Martha Montalvo, the total of eight people had been shot, which include the suspects.

Also two deputies had been wounded in the incident. One of them had been treated and discharged after his vest saved him. The other person had been shot in his hand, said Montalvo. The other three victims were been hospitalized.

As said by Montalvo, the police believe that on suspect had been shot by the other and the second had been shot by a SWAT officer.

As said by Montalvo, “These kinds of things can happen in any neighborhood. It doesn’t really matter where you live. But the police were here. They responded very very quickly at their own peril.”


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