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Body found while searching for second Briton who was celebrating first wedding anniversary

According to the reporters, a dead body had been founded while searching for a British man who was missing after a speed boat capsized in rough seas off a popular tourist island in Thailand while he was celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his wife Puja.

As per to the officials, since the speed boat was overturned by a huge wave off the coast of the island of Koh Samui, the authorities had been searching for the British man, Jason Parnell, aged 46 years old.

As reported, the other Briton who lost her life in the speed boat tragedy was a British woman Monica O`Connor, aged 28 from Manchester. As per to the officials, she was on her honeymoon with new husband Tim.

She was said to be put to death alongside a German man and a woman from Hong Kong, as said by the local authorities.

According to the Thai police, they found the fourth body on Sunday morning, but it is understood that they are still waiting for the formal identification to be completed.

Mr. Parnell and Mrs. O`Connor`s husband are both said to be have escaped without any harm.

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