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Syria Commander Badreddine killed in Damascus Blast

Syria is witnessing huge loss in the recent days as it is losing all its top ranked commanders for one reason or the other. Besides the Russian intervention, the loss of the most senior commanders of the military is going to trouble each and every one of this land. They are in grief for the huge loss of this veteran and as well the Hezbollah military operations need a skilled, trained and disciplined commander for their countries security.

The dawn of 2015 has brought bitter experiences where Imad Moughniyah is killed and now Iran and Syria are missing their most lovable Badreddine who is killed when there is an explosion aced on its bases near the Damascus airport. Research is still going on the cause of the explosion and the exact time of his death is not revealed yet. They are suspecting that this was the act of Israel as Syria has a conflict with it from 2011.

The world knows the potential of the most powerful group ‘Hezbollah’ which has proved its mettle in the war of 2006. When the Israel Prime minister was asked about this incident and the possible causes for its happening, he just rejected to respond on this issue says the Radio channel. Anyhow this is the good news of Israel while Syria is still in shock for the sudden demise of the Mustafa Badreddine.

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