Only 21% of Water Remains in 5 Nakhon Ratchasima Dams

At the moment, the water level is getting critical as there is only 21% of water left in ’s five dams. This is lower compared to the forecasted amount of water left according to 8th Irrigation Office’s Director Chidchanok Somprasert.

He also noted that the five dams with water levels below anticipated rate are as follows: Lam Phra Ploeng, Lam Plaimat, Lam Sae, Lam Takong, and Moon Bon. Water in the aforementioned dams has been steadily receding and at the moment only 21% of water is left.

The current water level in the five dams which have been mentioned are as follows: Lam Phra Ploeng which has a current water level of 30.1 million cubic metres and it is way below its full capacity of 109 million cubic metres;  Lam Plaimat’s water level is currently at 34.8 million cubic metres when its full capacity is at 96 million cubic metres; Lam Sae with a water level of 44.7 million cubic metres compared to its full capacity of 275 million cubic metres; Lam Takong with a water level which is only at 52.9 million cubic metres compared to its full capacity at 314.4 million cubic metres and Moon Bon with its 27 million cubic metres water level versus its 141 million cubic metres full capacity.

Mr. Chidchanok indicated that the current water level in these dams were way below the level that the authorities are expecting. Even if it rained, the precipitation was not enough to replenish the water levels in these dams. However, he was confident that the current water level would be sufficient to meet the water needs of the population before the rainy season’s arrival.

Needless to say, the director was very positive that the condition in all of these five dams will improve come July since this is the time of the year when rains are expected.

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