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US and Turkish attacks puts to death 104 IS fighters in Syria

According to the reporters, not less than 104 Islamic State militants had lost their lives in the Turkish and US led coalition air strikes in retaliation for the latest attack on a Turkish border province, s reported by Turkish media on Saturday, citing military resources.

According to the reports provided by Pro-government Sabah Daily news, on Friday five people had been wounded when the rockets fired from Islamic State controlled territory in northern Syria struck Turkey`s border province of Kilis.

Since January, Kilis had been hit by the rockets from the Islamic State controlled territory not less than 70 ties, putting to death 21 people including children, in what says the security officials, has gone from accidental spillover to deliberate targeting.

On Friday, more grounds near the border of Turkey had been seized by the Islamic State fighters from the Syrian rebels, raising fears for a new wave of civilians fleeing the fighting.

As per to the statement, not less than 104 IS militants had been put to death in retaliation, while four multiple rocket launchers, one howitzer, one mortar position and seven buildings used as headquarters by the Islamic State had been destructed.

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