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Greenfield woman attacked in Thailand

According to the reporters, a 21 year old Greenfield native had been stabbed last Saturday by a mugger at the time when she was walking from taxi to her apartment in Bangkok, Thailand. The girl Drost, teaches English to children. Before attack, she was on her way to home after an evening with a friend when a stranger jumped off a motorbike in front of her.

The woman wrote in an email to the recorder, “I could tell by the look on his face – a face so serious and intent on causing harm that he was almost expressionless – something terrible was about to happen.”

After she was been kicked to the ground by the mugger, she said that the man grabbed for her wristlet, but she pulled back and kicked at him as he bent over.

She was been stabbed by the man twice through her arm and the left side of her body, puncturing a lung.

After the attack, she was been assisted by the patrons and the owner of a café across the street. She was been brought by them in to the café, where they tended to her wounds and summoned an ambulance.

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