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It is time for Election!

According to the reporters, next year o 1st January, five new non permanent members of the Security Council will take up their seats. The election has arrived.

As reported, big races can be seen between Kazakhstan and Thailand that are in competition for one of the open Asian seats; and Sweden, Italy and the Netherland, which are vying for two European seats. Bolivia and Ethiopia are moving on uncontested.

So as to win their seat, a two thirds majority is needed by the country taking part in the vote at the General Assembly. If all the 193 members take part, a country would need 129 votes so as to enter the Security Council.

The countries who will be elected for a period of two years, along with five other non permanent members, that started their two year mandate on 1st January 2016. They are Uruguay, Senegal, Japan, Egypt, and Ukraine, and with the five permanent members Russia, the US, China, France and Britain.

The only country which had never held a seat on the Security Council is Kazakhstan, which is going up against Thailand. If it is elected, the central Asian nation would become the first former SOVIET republic to have vote in the UN`s most vital decision making body.

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