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Military helicopter with 3 on board missing in Thailand

According to the reporters, a searching had been resumed by the rescue team in Thailand on Sunday for a military helicopter that disappeared on Saturday along with three people on board as it was flying over a mountain area in the east of the country.

As reported, the UH-1 helicopter had been missing. It is said that there were three people in all who was at the time present in the helicopter. It disappeared at the time when it was carrying telecommunications equipment and food to a radar base located in the Khao Chamao Womg National Park in Chanthaburi province.

The search operation included two helicopters from the air force and navy personnel. The operation was cancelled at nightfall after three hours of tracking.

As reported, in the past recent years, several helicopters accidents had been suffered by the Thai armed forces. This was because of the technical malfunctions and the issues of the visibility.

As per to the reports, in the year 2011, not less than 17 soldiers had lost their lives in three helicopter crashes in the mountainous region in western Thailand while in 2014, at least nine soldiers were put to death in an accident involving another unit in the north of the country.

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