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Thai Ladyboy Sex Worker Under Investigation After Missing Dad Found Dead In Hotel Room

According to the reporters, father of one named Steve Balfour, had lost his life in a room above a go-go bar in a red light area after he allegedly met a sex worker and had agreed at a price of 60 pound.

He was said to be a former soldier who had been missing for not less than a month. He was last seen on 14th May at a bar in the bustling resort of Pattaya on Thailand`s east coast.

As reported, at the time when he was found. No identification and no wallet was been discovered. Due to this, he was been taken by emergency services to a police mortuary in Bangkok as an unidentified foreigner.

According to the police, the officers discovered the naked body of the Western male lying on the floor. They also added that a 22 year old lady boy from Buriram had told the investigators that the couple had met earlier on Walking Street. He also agreed that he was paid 3000 baht.

Before interrogating the ladyboy, the officers had asked for an autopsy so as to determine the exact cause of death.

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