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Thai PM won`t resign if the constitution rejected by the nation

According to the reporters, General Prayuth Chan Ocha, the Prime minister of Thailand said that he won`t step down if the nation votes against the draft charter in 7th August referendum.

As reported, on Monday, Prayuth gave response to a question asked by reporter, the reporter asked, if he would emulate British PM David Cameron, who had announced that he would resign, after Britain voted to leave ye European Union in the last`s week`s Brexit referendum.

Thailand`s leader, Pheu Thai Party, whose government had been disposed by a military coup in May 2014, had advice to resign if the draft constitution did not pass.

According to Prayuth, he had no intention of leaving, as Britain did not have the problems as Thailand, and unlike Cameron, he did not enter the office without any help.

As said by the junta leader, as quote by the Bangkok Post, “The two cases are different. Do you want me to resign? I won`t. I set the rules. He did not come up like I did. His country does not have the same problem ours does.”

During the tenure of Prayuth, the draft of the proposed constitution is the second to be drawn.

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