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Three lost their lives and 40 injured in Belgium train crash after passenger train smashes in to back of freight vehicle

According to the reporters, not less than three people has lost their lives and a least nine others had been injured when a late night passenger train slammed in to the rear of a halted freight train in eastern Belgium, as said by the authorities on Monday.

The incident took place at 11 pm on Sunday when a two cars from the train derailed and tumbled on to their side when it slammed in to the freight train at a speed of 55 mph that is 90kphon the banks of the River Meuse near Liege, a said by RTL broadcasting.

According to the mayor of the commune of St. Georges-sur-Meuse, Francis Dejon, at least nine people were taken to the hospital, some of them were in very critical condition, and the death toll could go much higher.

As a result of the accident, at least twenty seven other passengers had been examined and treated at the scene.

So as to free the people from the wreckage, it took at least three hours for the rescue team. The train was carrying around 40 passengers when it crashed at Heramlle-sous-Huy while traveling between the city of Mouscron and the village of Liers.

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