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At least 6 injured as car crashes into Hindu Temple in Bangkok

According to the reporters, a car rammed into the fence of the Erawan shrine, on the night on 23rd July. In this incident not less than six people had been injured in the compound of the popular attraction.

As per to the police, the incident was just an accident and not a terrorist attack.

The Erawan shrine was the site of bomb attack which occurred in August last year in which not less than 20 people had lost their lives.

According to the police Lt. Gen. Sanit Mahathavorn, acting chief of the Bangkok metropolitan bureau, the accident that took place late Friday was caused by the driver who suffered a stroke and lost control.

After the incident, the driver was been taken to the hospital.

As reported by the Bangkok Post daily, the injured included several tourists from Indonesia, Singapore and China.

The injured had been identified as Mr. Jonto Kurniawan 73 from Indonesia; Mrs. Rosita Kurniawan 56, also from Indonesia; Mrs. Ong Chey Tao 70 from Singapore; Miss Ng IconĀ  35 also from Singapore; Miss Leena Bong 81 from China and Mrs. Kanuengnit Techorai 55 , who was the driver of the car, as reported by the traffic radio station Jor Sor.

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