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Fight between Australian passengers leads Jetstar flight to divert to Bali

According to the reporters, five men had been taken in to custody in Bali after a Jetstar plane from Sydney to Phuket was been forced to land in Denpasar after a big fight between five passengers.

It has been confirmed by the Jetstar that the six passengers who were travelling together on Wednesday night on flight JQ27 were being extremely troublesome among themselves and refused to follow the crew directions.

As reported, it had not yet been cleared whether physical altercations were involved; other media outlets have reported a brawl and wild fight on board, prompting the pilot to divert to Bali.

As soon as the aircraft landed in Denpasar, Indonesian police removed the passengers from the aircraft and detained them. The flight then moved forward and flew on to Thailand.

According to a Jetstar spokeswoman, she said that the crew was been thanked by the passengers for diverting and removing the group from the aircraft.

She added that, “ We take safety and security seriously and we don’t tolerate disruptive behavior by passengers on our flights.”

The men were identified as Bradley Beecham, Brett Eldridge, Michael Matthews, Mark Rossiter, and Lynmin Waharai.

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