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Irishman detained after public sex act caught on camera ad featured on Thai TV

According to the reporters, Thai police had detained an Irish man who was caught on camera engaging in a public sex act that appeared on Thai television.

The couple had been identified as 24 year old Irishman named as Sullivan and an American called Natalie 21 years old who is said to be a foreign exchange student.

As per to the Krabi police, the couple turned themselves in to the police after realizing that the video went viral and police were seeking for them.

They both were been charged for the public nudity and acting inappropriately in public.

They both had been fined 2,000 baht each which is approximately 50 pounds.

According to the couple, they both were drunk at the time and they stopped, as soon as the locals approached them.

In the video, the woman wearing a bikini can be seen kneeling on the ground as she was ready to perform for the oral sex on the man.

A press conference was been held by the Thai police in which the couple were been presented to the local media for a public apology.

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