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Is Thailand in need of Submarines?

According to the reporters, the approval to purchase the three Chinese made Yuan class S26T submarines for 36 billion baht is been seek by the Royal Thai Navy.

Te news had been confirmed in July 2016 by the Thailand`s Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwan.

As reported, The S26T submarines are diesel-powered with a displacement of 2,400-3,000 tones and equipped with weapons including torpedoes and sea mines. As per to the reports, China would also provide knowledge on the maintenance, systems, and weapons of submarine.

This is only one out of many attempts by the RTN to look for approval for submarine purchases. Since the 1990s, the RTN has been pursuing the purchase of submarines, but has not yet been able to obtain funding approval for submarine purchases because of the cabinet’s concerns over the cost of this purchase relative to the requirements for this capability.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan o Cha had asked the RTN to explain the necessity of the submarine purchases, so as to convince the Thai public.

Then the 9 pages document was been released by the RTN detailing the reasons for wanting to purchase submarines from China.

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