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Security centers been set up by Thailand ahead of referendum

According to the reporters, security centers had been set up by the Thailand`s military government around the country ahead of an August referendum on a new constitution.

As the nation prepares to vote on a Constitution that critics fear will entrench the military`s influence, the centers are the recent measures had been rolled out by the government.

The generals who promised stability in South east Asia`s second biggest economy would replace one scrapped the draft of Thailand`s 20th Constitution after a 2014 coup.

The first real rest of the junta`s popularity will be the Aug 7 referendum, since it took power.

As reported, for setting up teams o join each center including police, troops and civilians, the responsibility will be of provincial government.

According to the Major General Sansern told Reuters yesterday, “We need to ensure peace during the referendum so that people can decide how our country will move forward.”

 As reported, all the provincial level centers would be headed by governors and all the district level centers would be headed by district chiefs. The main objectives of the nationwide centers are to prevent and stop incidents which could lead to unrest.

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