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Singapore looking for assistance from Thai government to repatriate the suspect of bank robbery

According to the reporters, the authorities of Singapore are looking for assistance from the Thai government to repatriate the suspect of Canadian bank robbery, David Hames Roach to Singapore.

As per to the Singapore police force, a mutual legal assistance had been made by them request to Thai authorities so as to send the evidence seized from the 26 year old suspect over to Singapore.

As said by Singapore Police Force. “If the Thai authorities are unable to return the suspect directly to Singapore we will pursue the suspect`s return from whichever country Thailand eventually decides to send the suspect to.”

The suspect had been identified as Canadian David James Roach. He allegedly robbed S$30,000 from the Standard Chartered branch in Holland Village on 7th July. On the same day, he fled to Bangkok, but he was detained by Thai police on 10th July at a hostel, and is currently being held at Bangkok`s Suan Plu Immigration Detention Center.

According to Interpol Bangkok head police major Genera Apichat Suribonya, an extradition request had been sent to Thailand`s Attorney General`s Office and that the request is being processed.

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