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Thailand says `NO` to sex trade

According to the reporters, the country`s first female tourism minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul had made a pledge after a series of police raids on Thai brothels last month, maid concerns over the human trafficking and underage prostitution.

She added that they want Thailand to become about quality tourism. They want the sex industry to be gone. She said that tourist don’t come to Thailand for such things. They come here for their culture.

Since 1960, prostitution has been illegal in the South East Asian country, but not less than 120,000 sex workers had been employed by the sex industry with authorities frequently turning a blind eye.

Soon after arriving in office in 2014, Kobkarn started her drive to clean up Thai tourism`s image, singling out the seedy resort city of Pattaya as a pilot project for the country at large.

Pattaya has not less than 1000 bars and massage parlors, many of which are fronts for illegal brothels.

In police raids which occurred last month in which police had closed down a high profile Bangkok massage parlor and detained not less than 100 prostitutes; 15 of whom were underage, could mark a turning point for the industry.

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