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Fear of mass deportations among Pakistani Christians sparked by Thailand bombings

According to the reporters, fears of fresh crackdown and mass deportation had been sparked by the latest string of deadly bombings in Thailand among the Pakistani Christians fleeing persecution in their home country.

In the past few days, a series of bombings had shaken Thailand. In the bombings not less than four people had lost their lives and dozens of others had been injured.

 A man had been identified by the local police named as Ahama Lengha who is from Narathiwat province as a suspect in the deadliest blasts, as per to the Reuters reports.

As reported, police had not yet taken Lengha in to the custody, and his whereabouts are still not yet confirmed, but a warrant for his arrest has already been issued.

So far, the responsibility for the recent bombings in Thailand had not yet been claimed by any of the group, but authorities suspect domestic political groups including the supporters of Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted from his position as prime minister in 2006.

According to Kathriya Louis, one of the Pakistani Christians living in Thailand, in two months, their refugee determination interview is coming.

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