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Guerrillas in the Midst been exposed by Thailand

According to the reporters, a chain of bloody bombings had brought to the fore a long simmering battle not far from some of the most popular beaches in Thailand.

For many years, a brutal campaign had been waged by the guerrillas in the southern Thailand`s three Muslim majority provinces in order to break away from the remaining of the mostly Buddhist country and revive the old Sultanate of Patani.

As reported, not less than 7,000 people had been put to death in the bombings or drive by shootings, but the responsibility was been rarely claimed by the extremists; their cloak of secrecy makes them all the more terrifying, as per to the residents.

The scale of conflict had been played by the Thailand`s military junta so as not to scare off the tourists who fuel the country`s economy or otherwise destabilize the nation as the health of its ailing king worsens. It had been called as a conspiracy of silence by the veteran academic Zachary Abuza, of the National War College in Washington.

On Friday, an arrest warrant had been secured by the police for a suspected militant named Ahama Lengha, whose DNA records is said to be matched some of the evidence found at the site of explosions in Hua HIn.

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