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Huge TechCity to be unveiled in Thailand

One of Thailand’s biggest mobile operators is gearing up for one of the giantesque (huge) tech projects in Southeast Asia: True Corporation is getting ready to initialize a massive hub “city” said to worth more than 500 million US dollars.

In other words, it’s about a tech city being built in another city, the city of Bangkok. According to insider intel, this Asian Silicone Valley will encompass more than 200.000 square metres built inside a a mixed-use real estate complex being built by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation in Bangkok. The building itself will cost no less than $577 million dollars. True Corporation will invest $43 million dollars just to install the digital infrastructure.

It will feature a huge co-working space in an open-air green area. The country tends to get overlooked in favor of Singapore and Indonesia,” said Suphachai Chearavanont, CEO of True Corporation.

Well, if that info isn’t enough to leave you open-mouthed, here goes the rest: the building aims to become the biggest open-space working-space, with an open-air green area, offices, data centers, restaurants, great internet and an advanced 4G network for those who really need it.

And in the end, most of this is made to support the Thai government: the project, now underway and looking to be completed by mid-2018, is the company’s way of supporting the Thai Government. The purpose is only one:  making the country a regional center for innovation.

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