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Life of Anaconda with huge heart tumor saved by Thai vet

According to the reporters, a 10 year old anaconda had been operated by the Thai veterinarians to remove a large tumor from near its heart.

The snake had been anaesthetized for the seven hour operation, as told by Dr. Taweesak Anansiriwattana to BBC Thai`s Issariya Praithongyaem.

In order to reach the tumor, the doctors at Klongluang Animal Hospital had to cut through the skin and abdominal cavity wall. The weight of the tumor is said to be 1kg that is 2lb.

In order to determine if the snake has cancer, tissue samples had been sent for tests.

The weight of the snake is said to be about 52 kg that is 114 lbs.

According to the vets, most of the tumor had been removed, but a small part did not as it was too close to arteries.

The private owner had brought the snake to the hospital.

Fortunately, the anaconda regained consciousness early this morning, and it is now in good health. Many comments of support had been written by the netizens for the skilled doctor.

The pictures of the procedures were been posted in Facebook by Dr. Tawaseek Anunsiriwattana.

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