One put to death, 29 injured as 2 bombs hit southern Thailand

According to the reporters, on employee lost his life when the two bombs exploded near a hotel in insurgency wracked southern Thailand. Also not less than 29 people had been injured in the attack, as said by the police and hospital officials on Wednesday.

The bombing took place late Tuesday outside the Southern Hotel in Pattani, one of the biggest towns in a region where Muslims separatists have waged an insurgency since 2004. In the violence, not less than 6,000 people had lost their lives.

The first bomb was said to be exploded in the car parking of the hotel, but there were no casualties, as said by the police Lt. Sirisak Wungkulum. He added that, the second bomb was planted in the Isuzu car and it went off 20 minutes later in front of the hotel, in which a 25 year old woman who worked in the hotel`s restaurant lost her life.

According to the officials of hospital, at least 29 people had been wounded in the bomb attack.

Several rooms and other facilities had been damaged by the explosions.

This bombing is said to be eh fourth bomb blast this year in Thailand`s south, the only Muslim area in the Buddhist majority country.

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