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Thai homeless man rewarded a new life for returning lost wallet to owner

Walarop, a 44 years old Thai man from Bangkok, was trying top catch a couple on minutes of sleep in his makeshift shelter at a subway station, when he catched a glimpse of Niity Pongkriangyos, a young businessman, unknowingly dropping his wallet. In a second, Walarop knew what was the right thing to do: he ran after the man to give his wallet back, but he couldn’t catch him. So he took the wallet and everything inside to the police, who contacted the owner.

“I was totally surprised when the police told me they had my wallet as I didn’t even know I’d lost it. My first reaction was ‘wow’, if it was me in that position with no money I probably would have kept it. But he was homeless and had just a few coins in his pocket and still handed it in. That shows a good, honest person. Just the kind of staff we need,” said Mr. Niity.

Inside the wallet were more than 20.000 baht, a fortune for the homeless Walarop, who could claim as his own only 9 baht. But he still decided to do the right thing and return the money and the

See SWNS story SWHOME; A homeless man who handed in a designer wallet full of cash was rewarded with a JOB and a new FLAT to live in. Good-hearted Woralop (corr), 45, had just nine baht (0.20p) to his name when he spotted the Hermes wallet with 20,000baht (£440gbp) and credit cards on the street earlier this month. Despite having barely eaten, he trudged to the local police station and gave police the expensive brown leather wallet with all the money still inside. Owner Niity Pongkriangyos, 30, was so thrilled when cops tracked him down that he offered destitute Woralop, who has no surname, a job at his metalwork factory in Bangkok, Thailand.

credit cards to the businessman. It was a good decision: Niity Pongkriangyos was so happy when police told him they’d found his wallet, he offered Woralop a job at his factory in Bangkok.

“I’m so grateful to be given this chance to turn my life around. Having a clean bed to sleep in makes me so happy now. I want to thank Nitty and Tarika for the kindness they have both shown to me,” said Waralop in front of the press.

Nitty’s girlfriend, who posted a picture of Woralop on social media, told Thai media that Waralop’s story is such a good example that being kind really does pay off. “When you’re kind to another, another is kind to you,” she added. The former homeless person can now start a new life. His job at the factory comes also with a place to live and a salary of 11.000 baht.

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