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Thailand: British teenager survived 9 meter plunge at waterfall

According to the reporters, a 19 year old teenager cheated the death on her gap year as she slipped and fell 9 meters at a beauty spot in Thailand.

As per to the reports, half of the bones in her body had been broken.

She has been identified as Natalie Cook, 19. She is suffering from a numerous of injuries including a double femur fracture, broken hip, pelvis, pubic bone and wrist.

According to her companions who joined her in the travel, she was dead, but Natalie said that she willed herself to live and miraculously survived.

She came to Thailand with her companions. At the time of incident, she came there for the jungle trek and she slipped on a wet rock at a waterfall in the Mae Wang district, just five days in to her five week trip of a lifetime.

Fifteen of the fellow trekkers had carried her to the roadside on a plank of wood in 100 degree heat and then they drive to hospital in agony along the rough roads of the jungle.

Natalie said, “Half of the bones in my body were broken and as soon as they lifted me, my body rolled in the sheet and everything crunched and cracked.”

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