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Thailand`s first halal hotel open to help boost Muslim arrivals

According to the reporters, first halaal hotel had been opened for Muslim in Thailand, a home to a majority of Buddhists to bolster its tourism industry.

As reported, Al Meroz, a four star hotel in Bangkok, which opened in November, is said to play its part in serving Muslims that are otherwise entrapped in a complex situation so as to satisfy their appetite.

As per to the hotel`s general manager, Sanya Saengboon, there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. It is huge market. The hotel Al Meroz boasts mosque like architecture. It has two prayers rooms and three halal dining halls.

Thailand is said to be very much excited to tap Muslim tourist from around the globe and it had recently launched an application for Muslims so as to search for halal food in the country.

Muslim globetrotters have shown excitement and joy over the start to halal hotel as it was not so easy to find halal food in the area.

As per to a guest at the hotel, Amir Fazal, 28 yr old, a security officer from Australia, access to a halal hotel was very comfort to Muslim travelers in Thailand where halal food can be not so easy to find.

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