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Two passengers stabbed by a knife wielding man on Austrian train

According to the reporters, two passengers had been attacked by a knife wielding man on early Tuesday on a train in western Austria, seriously wounding two, as said by the police.

As reported, the suspect had been detained. The incident took place near the village of Sulz, in westernmost Vorarlberg province.

According to the statement given by the police, a 19 year old man suffered wounds to the stomach and back. The other victims, is said to be a 17 year old male, who suffered a throat injury. They both had been hospitalized.

The incident took place three days after a man attacked passengers on a crowded Swiss train with a knife and burning liquid Saturday, in an assault that left him and one of his victims dead.

The police had been searching for a motive as they interrogate the man but at the point there is no knowledge of a copycat attack.

The two police officers apprehended the attacker at the stop by two police officers who used pepper spray to subdue him, as said by the police.

In neighboring Germany, last month, a 17 year old refugee from Afghanistan with an ax and a knife injured four tourists on a train, and stabbed a woman as he fled.

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