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Two soldiers wounded in new wave of blasts in Southern Thailand

A new wave of blasts were recorded on Monday morning in Thailand, for the second consecutive week. Two marines were wounded in the Southern part of the country, after two road bombs went off in in Bacho district of Narathiwat province. The explosions targeted a group of eight Thai soldiers travelling by motorcycle.

The first blast took place as the convoy passed and injured the two soldiers, while the second explosive device detonated ten minutes later, targeting the response teams that intervened at the site. No one was wounded in the second blast. According to investigators, the road bombs were home-made, with explosives stuffed in metal containers.

The attack came hours after a series of small bombings targeted a number of shops in Yaha municipality, with four explosions and one bomb defused by pyrotechnicians. The latest bombings conclude one of the most violent weeks in Thailand, after the terror attack in Bangkok, almost a year ago. Four people died in a wave of bombings in seven provinces of Thailand on Thursday and Friday, bombings that targeted some of the country’s best-known tourist destinations, like Hua Hin and Phuket.

Thai authorities are pursuing several leads in their search for the attackers. At least one man was arrested in conjunction with the bombing in Hua Hin, while others have been detained, but haven’t been officially charged. Officials have also called for Malaysia’s help in the investigation, after one cell phone used in the bombings and recovered almost intact in the popular island of Phuket was discovered to be registered with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, a regulatory body overseeing communications in Malaysia, including phone and online activities.

The recent attacks are the bloodies since the Bangkok terror attack of August 17, 2015. Twenty people were killed and 125 others were wounded in a blast at the Erawan Shrine in Thailand’s capital.

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