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1.7 Hours per day spent by Thai`s people watching YouTube videos

According to the reporters, at least 1.7 hours per day is been spend by people of Thailand watching You Tube videos, as per to new data released by Google Thailand.

Due to this rank, Thailand has been rated in the top eight countries globally for the amount of time watching the videos on You Tube.

The main factors for the increase in time Thais append on You Tube are the cheaper devices, low cost mobile data plans and Thailand`s ever expanding 4G network.

As told by the head of marketing at Google Thailand, to the Bangkok Post, “Thais have watched 1.7 hours of video daily on You Tube this year, up from 1.1 hours last year.”

He also added that not less than sixty five percent of the videos on You Tube are watched from mobile device and credited Thailand`s younger generation with the increase in the amount of time spent watching videos online.

Also, in Thailand the numbers of content creators are increasing too. At present, there are eight independent content creators in Thailand who have scored mass followings of over one million subscribers.

Pete said that You Tube has been working with mobile operators in Thailand to make videos available offline.

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