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Australian druglord arrested in Phuket after five years on the run

In 2011, Robert Pollybank Gee was awaiting trial in Southern for his alleged leading role in a drug syndicate responsible for flooding the Australian market with cocaine and methamphetamines worth millions of US dollars. But Gee never went on trial: he dissappeared that year, after failing to attend a hearing. In the past 5 years he was believed to be in hiding in Thailand.

On Tuesday, he was found and arrested on the island of Phuket, where he lived the quiet life under the guise of a Canadian citizen. In his pockets, policemen found a fake passport under the name Roy Greyeyes. According to Phuket Tourist Police investigator, Major Colonel Nareuwat Phutwiro, Gee was detained outside of a bar Phuket’s Bangla Road tourist area.

“We found him at the bar. He was surprised to see us there,” said Mr. Nareuwat. The official added that Gee had arrived in Thailand in 2011 and had been living in Phuket since 2013.

phuketdrugsRobert Pollybank Gee was arrested in Australia in 2006, alongside four other men, in a narcotics enforcement operation coordinated by the Drug Investigation Branch. At that time, the police had found cocaine and methamphetamines worth $1.2 million and $264,000 in cash, belonging to the group. While waiting for the trial, Gee was allowed to travel abroad, and between 2007 and 2010 he visited Fiji, Indonesia and Thailand, but each time he returned to Australia.

In 2011, one of his former cronies, a man named Leslie Graham Richards, decided to testify against Gee’s role in the operation. Richards decided to turn against his business partner after he was sentenced to 11 years and 2 months in jail, without the possibility for parole in the first seven years.

At that point, Gee vanished. The alleged was listed among Australia’s most wanted on the charges of narcotics and conspiracy and now faces extradition to his home country.

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