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Grisly discovery during police raid in Thailand: chopped body found in freezer

A four-storey building in central Bangkok turned into the scene of a horror movie on Friday, when the Thai police stormed the place looking for the alleged members of a passport-forging gang. The raid was considered daily business by local authorities, but the officers who busted through the doors of the building were met with gunfire. A police officer was shot and wounded during the operation.

Three men have been arrested in connection with the passport forgery operation, two Americans and one British national. The police also found large quantities of drugs and money hidden in stashes inside the raided building. But the discovery of a dead person’s body gave the officers most of the shivers.

“We managed to find a big freezer. We opened it and found a dead body inside it. The body was chopped into different parts. It was concealed in many rubbish bags and put in the freezer,” said Colonel Kissana Phathanacharoe, of the Thai police.

At the moment, none of the three foreigners have been charged with murder. The two American suspects – Gabel Aaron Thomas, 33, and James Douglas Eger, 66 – have received a detention order and will be spending time in jail until at least October the 5th without the possibility for parole. The magistrates refused them bail because they might try to leave the country if left free.

investigateThe third suspect, British national Peter Andrew Colter, 56, is the one who shot the Thai Police officer. According to the authorities, Colter didn’t deny shooting the officer, but said it was a mistake as he was trying to shoot himself. The policeman said, nevertheless, that Colter had aimed the gun at him during the raid.

The three men had many fake documents, including passports on them at the time of the raid, so the Police is investigating their identities also. Formal requests have been sent to the British and American authorities, while Thai Immigration Police is trying to discover the dates when the suspects entered Thailand.

The three suspects are facing trial for gun and ammunition possession, forging state-issued documents, possessing illicit drugs and hiding a dead body to conceal a crime. Meanwhile, Thai officials are trying to discover the identity of the man killed and hidden in the fridge. DNA samples were sent to the United States, and the results are expected to arrive within a week.

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