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Israel denies Syrian regime claims, no warplane shot down in Syria

In a rare statement regarding Israeli Defence Force operations at the Syrian border, IDF oficials denied the claims raised by the Syrian military, who announced earlier today that an Israeli warplane and a drone were shot down during the night in the Quneitra region of southwest Syria.

“(…) overnight two surface-to-air missiles were launched from Syria after the mission overnight to target Syrian artillery positions. At no point was the safety of IDF aircraft compromised,” said Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, Israel Defense Forces spokesperson.

According to Syrian officials, the Israeli warplane attacked a Syrian regime military position in the region bordering the Golan. The IAF attack was greenlighted after a mortar projectile launched from within Syria exploded in the Golan Heights, without causing deaths or material damage.

iafplane2“Earlier today, a projectile launched from #Syria, hit the northern Israeli Golan Heights. No injuries have been reported,” read a short statemen posted by an official IDF Twitter account on Monday.

Eli Malka, head of the Golan Regional Council, said that there is no difference between spillover fire and intentional fire, a bomb is a bomb and poses a risk to human life.

“It is the responsibility of the Minister of Defense and the IDF to convey a clear message to all parties on the other side of the border that all shots fired in the Golan will be treated as firing on Israel and the IDF will respond by destructing the source of the fire,” added Malka.

The Israeli Defense Force has been known to retaliate with airstrikes for every incident involving the conflict in Syria spilling over the border in the Golan Heights, and the military units in the region are always on highest alert.

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