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Israeli killed, buried in concrete in Thailand, one arrested

Shock and terror hit the peaceful town of Nonthaburi on Saturday, when news about a grisly murder reached the public. Thai Police investigating a house in the northern town discovered the remains of a missing Israeli citizen. The victim, a former police officer named Eli Cohen, was found dismembered and encased in concrete.

Two inhabitants of the house were taken in custory in connection with the murder. One of them, also an Israeli national, has already confessed to the murder of Cohen. According to officers close to the investigation, the murder seems to have been triggered by a romantic quarrel between 62-year-old Eliyahu Cohen and his murderer,  52-years-old  Shimon Biton.

“One reason we were able to find him was because there was an effort to use a credit card of the missing man. We searched his house and found the body of a missing Israeli chopped into pieces and placed in three plastic bags,” said Police Major General Suthin Suppuang, acting commander of the Crime Suppression Division.

cohen1Thai police was placed on high alert regarding the dissappearance of Eli Cohen after their Israeli counterparts requested an investigation. The victim, Mr. Cohen, was convicted in 2003 for the murder of his ex-wife. Mr. Suthin of the Crime Suppression Unit said Biton’s son was in the flat at the time of his father’s arrest, but he was at the moment treated as a witness rather than an accomplice.

In a similar case, three foreign nationals were arrested in September, after the police discovered a dead body stuffed in a freezer in their Bangkok home. The three have been arrested in connection with the passport forgery operation, among them two Americans and one British national. The police also found large quantities of drugs and money hidden in stashes inside the raided building.


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