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Missing Aussie found in Thailand taking time off to play the bongos

When people, especially people we care about, suddenly go missing without leaving behind a clue, a message or anything that could reveal to us what they’re planning or where they’re going, our first reaction is wonder, then worry, then panic. Well, that’s the way things go most of the time, anyway.

When a local Australian from Perth decided to go to Bali with a young woman he’d just met on social app Tinder, friends and relatives didn’t say anything. It was his right, after all. When the man, identified as one Josh Goudswaard, a businessman selling fitness equipment, went missing in the resort island on November 1st, without telling his relatives where he’s going, most of those left at home pictured the worst scenario possible.

Things were even more complicated after his credit card was discovered to have been used in Britain, his cell phone had been disconnected and Mr. Goudswaard was spotted by authorities in Bali exiting the island, bound for an unnamed country.

But, in the end, the truth was not as chilling as the businessman’s relatives had been suspected: Mr. Goudswaard had just taken some time off and went on a journey to, perhaps, rediscover himself. He was found in Thailand, learning to play the bongos.

“NZPD have just confirmed CCTV footage of Josh exiting Bali. However, Thanks to TTL (Trippin’ Through Life) & Brett Frischer, Josh was found in Thailand and I quote ‘Ya, it was him. He’s running around learning to play his hang drum. I told him his last name and he looked surprised. I’ll make sure he realizes how big this has become. A huge THANK YOU to you ALL for caring! You can be sure he’ll be getting a good kick in the arse. Thanks again!” said one of the Aussie’s friends on Facebook.

While turning your back to the world and going in ursuit of your own agenda for a while seems like a good idea on the spot, it is always best to put yourself in the shoes of those who care for you and let them know what you’re planning to do. This usually helps people cope with your dissappearance and avoids those awkward situations when you might end up being tracked down by international agencies.

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